jueves, marzo 07, 2013

Spanish scientists, ask Europe for funding!

We asked the European Science Foundation for funding for a workshop. This is the response we got:

"Due to the non-payment by Spanish Member Organisations of their contributions to ESF activities, we regret to inform you that ESF has had no other choice but to temporarily suspend financial support to initiatives linked to Spanish institutions scheduled to take place after 30 June 2013. We are currently negotiating the best possible outcome with the Spanish Member Organisations in order to resolve this situation as soon as possible. In practical terms it means that the payment of all activities taking place after the 30 June 2013 (Exchange grants, short visits benefiting Spanish affiliated grantees and science meetings organised in Spanish cities) will be frozen till new development."

So, the Spanish government is giving no money to researchers in Spain and encouraging us to apply for European funds. But Europe won't give us money because Spain is not contributing its share. Can I start crying now? Not yet: what Spain should have contributed to ESF specific programe we asked funding from for 2012 and 2013 was... 24000 euros. 30 euros a day. Now I can cry.